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The Spotlight Series 

Endless Shore Yoga and Meditation Centre is offering a new series of classes called Spotlight Series to focus on specific health concerns. 

The following are the Spotlight Series we will be offering:

Mental Health (3 separate focus: anxiety, depression and fatigue)


Back Health



We have designed these sessions to last 4 -6 weeks and to focus on specific health concerns. Once a week you will learn therapeutic asanas, movement, breathwork, visualization and meditation techniques to help relieve the accompanying symptoms of  the specific concern. By targeting specific glands, organs, muscles and nerves, we'll learn how to promote a free flow of energy throughout the body/mind.

Moreover, you will receive the support you need to incorporate what you learn into your daily life, so you can develop your own healing practice for an overall improvement to the well-being of your body/mind.


Stay tuned for upcoming information!

Upcoming 2024 Series: Cultivating Calmness and Connectedness April 22, 29, May 6 and 13.

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