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Meditation and Mindfulness

Anyone can practice meditation regardless of faith, age, gender or race

Meditation has been proven to be beneficial for one's emotional, mental and spiritual health.

The benefits of meditation are bountiful and one an experience: peace of mind, calmness, sense of well being, increased intuitiveness, increased awareness of self and others, develop insights, wisdom and compassion



Zen Meditation

Every Monday

7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Zen Meditation    no sessions scheduled for Spring and Summer Resumes Sept 9, 2024

We are an independent group of Zen practitioners in the tradition of Soto Zen lineage of Shunruyu Suzuki-Roshi. We are affiliated with Mountain Rain Zen of Vancouver with Myoshin Kate McCandless and Shinbone Michael Newton as our teachers. Myoshin Kate and Shinmon Michael received Dharma Transmission from Zoketsu Norman Fischer, our guiding teacher, former abbott of San Francisco Zen Center and founder of the Everyday Zen Foundation. We extend our deep gratitude to Zoketsu Norman, Myoshin Kate and Shinmon Michael for their generosity and support.

Format: Zazen (sitting meditation), Kinhin (walking meditation) chanting

First Monday of the Month: Dharma Reading/Discussion, Tea and Cookies 

Third Monday of the Month:  Meditation Discussion/Sharing

No fee. Donation for use of space is appreciated. No one is turn away for lack of funds.

Osho Meditation

Dates to be determined

8:00 am - 9:00 am


Osho Meditation  no sessions scheduled in the summer. Check back for September start

To help the contemporary seeker reach an experience of meditation, self-observation and inner stillness much easier and faster, Osho, the twentieth century Indian mystic, created several active meditation techniques. These meditations are used by millions of people around the globe with extraordinary results, and aid the modern-day seeker to experience inner silence and stillness a lot faster than what be achieved through a long passive sitting. The Osho Meditations are not only fast and effective, but they are also easy and enjoyable to practice.

Registration required for every session:

$10.00 drop in fee (limited spots)

Loose clothing recommended

White Rock 

Mindfulness Community

Dates to be determined

7:00 pm - 8:15 pm

White Rock Mindfulness Community

We gather to practice mindfulness and meditation together as a community inspired by the teachings of  Thich Nhat Hanh.

Meditation helps to heal and transform. It helps us to be whole and look deeply into ourselves and around us in order to realize what is there. The energy that is used in meditation is mindfulness; to look deeply is to use mindfulness to look into the heart of things to see their true nature. By looking deeply, one gains insight or wisdom.

We gather together for sitting and walking meditation, followed by tea, Dharma study and discussion. We chant together. We engage in deep listening and loving speech.

No fee required. Donation for the use of space is appreciated. No one is turn away for lack of fund.

 Please note sessions are on hold until further notice. Please check back for updates. Thank you.

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