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Our Team

We are dedicated teachers who have chosen a way of life with the intent of sharing, educating, guiding, exploring, experiencing the journey towards health and well-being with each of you


Owner/Yoga Teacher

Nadine is a certified, knowledgeable, intuitive yoga teacher and owner of Endless Shore Yoga and Meditation Centre.

Practicing yoga and meditation for 40 years has taught (and still teaching her!) how to skillfully adapt to challenging situations off the mat, to ease through times of transition and to remain grounded while on her path to be one with her authentic self.

 Nadine interweaves Yoga practices and insights of Buddhism into her teaching of integrating body, heart and mind. Her yoga style blends therapeutic and alignment-based Yin/Yang practices she has studied such as Integral, Iyengar, Restorative, Tantra, Taoist (Yin) and Tibetan Healing (Lu Jong). She also incorporates the healing movement modalities of Qi Gong, Km Nye (Tibetan Relaxation), body/ball rolling and BackMitra.

She has completed workshops and teaching methodology with Master Teachers Erich Schiffman, Esther Myers, Sarah Powers, Paulie Zink, Max Strom, Swami Janakananda, Judith Anodea, Seane Corne and Cindy Lee.


Yoga Teacher
Tara Crofton has been a student of personal development and practicing yoga and meditation for 40 years. In 1989 she met her most influential teacher, Sandra Sammartino and received her Yoga Teacher's Training Certificate in 1996. Tara has been teaching yoga in the White Rock area for the last 16 years.

Yoga with Tara is suitable for both beginner and experienced students. Her teaching approach is unique as she blends practices and styles that have been most meaningful and useful to her over the years. Her classes include asana and pranayama combined with imagery and intention, to strengthen the bodies while increasing flexibility and alignment. The overall focus is on
releasing stress and restrictive patterns from all levels of the body/mind resulting in increased well being, awareness and balance.

Tara's deepest wish is to assist you to connect more fully in the natural beauty and truth of your being, so that you may express more of your potential and purpose with your every day life.


Mindfulness Intructor
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Yoga Teacher
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Yoga Teacher
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Yoga Teacher
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